Dude and Guest Ranch Packages

A Stay at the Tennessee Dude and Guest Ranch....Upon check in at 5 P.M. C.S.T. on your arrival day, each Guest receives their very own Working Ranch Horse who will become your faithful partner while at the ranch! After check-in you'll meet and greet your amazing new ‘horsey companion’ with carrots and apples and then get your family settled into your horsy themed guest room!   Whether you are staying a few days or a week, you will experience what life was like as a Cowboy or Cowgirl in the 1800's! 

After dinner, there’s time for a little outdoor star gazing while listening for the call of the coyotes in the valley before 'hitting the hay'...or take a night time swim in the outdoor pool under the moonlight...or enjoy roasting marshmallows over the camp fire.  

On your first day at the ranch:  Rise & Shine!…before you know it, it’s breakfast time!  Oh no, not for you! The horses eat first at the Guest Ranch, so keep your boots by the bed!  After the horses are fed, and you've milked the cows, collected the chicken eggs and handled any other morning ranch chores...it's time to enjoy your cowboy breakfast on the back deck or in the Biblical themed dining room.

Following breakfast you'll begin your first day of horsemanship training at the ranch!  For beginners and novice cowboys and cowgirls we'll start with horse safety, grooming, and basic horse care. Hey!  Don't forget to clean those hooves!  That's right, you'll be doing everything the cowboys did while taking care of their horses in the old days! Next it's time to saddle up and put on the bridle and finally the whole family is ready to mount up for their first  'cowboy training session' in the ring.  You'll enjoy some great family fun on horseback to develop (or improve) the skills your family will need while on the trail!   Beginners who have never been on a horse before, through riders of all levels, will enjoy this unique horsemanship skills training session! After a couple of hours of cowboy fun in the saddle at the ranch, it's finally time for a break!  Water the horses, get them some hay for lunch and head to the guest ranch house for some ice-cold southern sweet tea...and lunch.  But don't get to relaxed because you'll soon be back in the saddle again!  (Advanced riders wishing to hit the trail the first day may request a riding test in the arena, after getting acquainted with their horse during a short mounted session.)   

After lunch on your first day as a beginner, novice or intermediate rider it's time for cowboy training session number two at the ranch! Don't worry this time it's just another hour or so in the saddle!  Yep...just a little more cowpoke training and you'll be the best horse handler in the south!   There's mounted games with your family to see who's the best at their new found or improved horsemanship skills!  Soon it's time to take care of your wonderful steed for the evening!  Unsaddle your horse, groom him down, feed him and bed him down for the night. 

Next it's time for a hot shower...not to mention dinner!  How about an old fashioned game of checkers or dominos with the whole family.  Relax on the back deck enjoying the beautiful stars and listen for the coyote calls!  Time to hit the hay!


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