Group 'Ranch Programs" & Ranch Outings

In addition to our Family Ranch Vacations, a variety of privately booked group activities and events open to the public are available for singles, couples, families, and groups ranging in size from 8 to 250.  These ranch parties, events and privately booked programs are ideal for corporate outings or as a corporate team building event, youth or church groups, scout troops, and family reunions. Advance Reservations are required for all activities except Cowboy Church. Corporate events, and family reunions can be booked up to 24 months in advance in order to secure your special dates.  

Upcoming Ranch Events open to the Public:

Cowboy Church - Coming Spring 2016/open to the public / free of charge 

*see the Cowboy Church page on this site for all the exciting details of this event! 

Old Fashioned Country Barn Dance & Chuck Wagon BBQ: Check back for Spring 2015 Schedules or book your own private event year round / Reservations Required

Join us for an old fashioned Country Barn Dance and Chuck Wagon BBQ Dinner and at the same time you will be helping a great cause! This 'old fashioned' family styled event will take place at the Tennessee Guest Ranch following Cowboy Church. The event is a mission fundraiser for our Horsemanship Mission Projects here in Tennessee and in Central America. The Horsemanship Mission Project uses hands on horsemanship in conjunction with the many horse scriptures found in the Bible to bring the Word of God to children, teens and adults.  So round up the family and bring them out for a fun night at the ranch of Old Fashioned Square Dancing (including dance instruction), delicious BBQ and great Cowboy atmosphere and help support missions outreach in Tennessee and abroad! $40 for adults / $25 for ages 11 to 17/$15 for children ages 4 to 10. To make reservations for this event call 423-554-4677 or email us at and include the number attending and their ages.  Reservations can be paid by credit card on PayPal, by check, or cash. Checks should be made payable to SVIPA Mission Fund.  This event is not tax deductable because service is being provided for the event fee.  (Special Note: For residents that live local to the Tennessee Guest please contact the ranch office for a special discount. A valid local driver's license identification is required for local resident discount.)

Activities for 1 to 8 guests not staying at the ranch can include: Ranch and Ride Day Program or Chuck Wagon and Barn Dance. For information on these activities for your family or friends, please visit our Day Programs page on this web site listed on the left side of the web page.  Also, families not staying at the ranch are welcome to attend any of the events open to the public listed on this page.   

Ranch & Ride Program - 4 hours on the ranch including grooming and saddling your horse, basic training/safety test, and a ride to the river and back, untack and groom your horse 

Ranch & Ride Program - 6 hours on the ranch including grooming and saddling your horse, basic training/safety test, saddle bag lunch...riverside (we provide the saddle bags/you provide the lunch), historic horseback tour of the valley. 

Chuck Wagon Dinner and Barn Dance - reservations required /check with ranch office for schedule if not posted

Group Ranch Events for 20 to 200: 

Round up your Corporate Group, Church Group, Family Reunion, Youth Group, Girl Scouts, 4H Groups or Field Trip and head on out to the Tennessee Guest Ranch! Book your western themed event in the beautiful foothills of Tennessee including western themed Chuck Wagon Cuisine,  History of the Cowboy, powerful mounted horse presentations, and so much more!  


Whether it is a corporate event, a family reunion, a special birthday or anniversary celebration, a field trip, church or youth event...the ranch will tailor an event to fit your budget and needs. The beautiful barn, filled with majestic horses in their stalls, even has indoor barn/seating space for over 100 guests and outdoor space for up to 250! Choose from the activities listed below, let us know the approximate number in your group, and we can price it for you ... or let us know your budget and how many guests and we can design a program for you.

Chuck wagon dinner, old fashioned country barn dance; bluegrass band; a variety of horse presentations; roping training; tractor drawn hay rides; pony rides for children, educational horsemanship and history programs for children; mounted sermons and/or bible studies (no charge); or book our newest program...Revelation Dinner Theater including horses and riders in full costume delivering a powerful mounted message from the Bible as your guests enjoy a catered meal! 


Youth Group 'Horsemanship' Programs:

The following programs are available for small youth groups that would like a horse adventure at the ranch.  These children and youth group programs are tailored to fit your needs and the age of the children or youth involved.  Choose the basic group program that fits your length of stay and your budget and we will tailor it to fit your groups needs.  Additional activities can be added. (listed below)

1 hr Equine Education Program: $10 each (8 student minimum - large groups can easily be accommodated for this  program) Guests will learn all the knowledge they can pack in during this Educational Equine Program.  Class will cover safety, parts of the horse, feeding & nutrition,  grooming, cleaning hooves, saddling, leading and handling horses from the ground.  Please note that there is no mounting or riding during this program, but makes a wonderful educational field trip or group tour for large or small groups of all ages.   Bus parking is provided.  Groups are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!

2 hr Equine Education Program: $ 35 each (8 student minimum - to maximum of 12 students) begins with the 1 Hr Equine Education Program and progresses to mounting, dismounting, emergency dismounts, and basic riding control skills.  Please note this is not a 'full riding lesson program' is an equine program focusing on the educational aspects of horses, horse care and safety.  Each child will mount & learn basic introductory riding control for a short time period during the mounted session of this program.  Helmets are mandatory and are provided.   Groups are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view!

4 Hr Horsemanship Program:  $50 per child for a 4 hour group program (minimum of 8 students - maximum 12 students- students will work in pairs & share a horse).  All students will receive a formal riding lesson. 

For the four hour  Horsemanship Program, each student participates in hands on horsemanship training from "the ground up".  Safety, grooming, parts of the horse, general medical care, feeding and nutrition, tacking up and untacking procedures, equipment care, and a full beginner, novice or intermediate group riding lesson (lesson includes fun mounted games and activities!)     Bring snacks & sack lunch (lunchables work great) for break time.   Time: 8am -12pm 
 + optional - a short Bible Study on  "What the Bible Has to Say About Horses!"

Overnight Horsemanship Program:  $75 per child, (minimum of eight students - maximum of 12 students - students will work in pairs and share a horse)

A one night program perfect for Church Youth Groups, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scout Horsemanship Badges, etc.  This program includes the 4 hour Horsemanship program above and is designed for small groups of  approximately eight to twelve young horse loving guests and their  chaperones.   Our Guest Ranch Bunk house sleeps up to 12 in bunk beds with plenty of room for more sleeping bags on the floor.  The program includes Breakfast, and your choice of an evening activity such as a camp fire and marshmallow roast, swim in the pool, a Horsey Guest Ranch movie on the big screen, or a beginner roping lesson.

Please note that there is no charge for two non riding adult chaperones for your group.  Bring your own dinner to cook at the camp fire, have pizza delivered to the Guest Ranch, or we can make reservations for your group at a quaint local country restaurant with a lovely view of the valley.  Bring sack lunches for a picnic lunch during the horsemanship program (Lunchables work great!) Standard Check in time for this program: 5PM C.T. with Check Out at 1PM C.T. the following day.  These times can be adjusted depending the ranch schedule and the group schedule needs.

"River Ride Trail Program" $100 per child, per one night/one day package only available for groups booking a two day minimum program.  The first day riders will train at the ranch and the second day riders will hit the trail.  In this economical ranch program riders will be teamed up to share a horse.  Grooming and ground horsemanship training will take place with all of your group members together.  For mounted riding sessions, the group will be split into two groups.  Chaperones will need to have other activities planned for each group while the other group is riding.

On the second day, riders will 'put to use' all of their horsemanship skills they have learned on their first day at the ranch because they will be hitting the trail!  Students will still be in pairs while grooming and tacking but only one partner of each horse goes on the trail at a time.  The first group will ride to the river and the second group will be brought by 4-wheel drive.  All of the group will enjoy a riverside lunch together and then the second group will ride the horses from the river back to the ranch. The first group will be taken back to the ranch by 4-wheel drive.  Group leaders will need to prepare a another activity to do with their groups when the opposite group is riding.

While learning to control their horse in the wide open spaces instead of the riding ring...students will be 'putting to use' the skills they learned on their first day at the ranch!  Riders will use their new found skills ...including walking, trotting, dismounting, mounting safely without assistance, emergency dismounts, maneuvering through tight areas, quick release knots for tying to trees, retrieving objects without dismounting, backing through tricky areas, and lots more.  The riding instructor is of course with the students during this mounted adventure!   

This is a great program for girl scouts looking to earn badges!   

Ranch & Range Ridin' Buckaroo Program:  (for youth groups of 8 or more)  Each guest receives their Guest Ranch Horse at Check-In. Their horse will become their companion and partner during their stay. $135 per person, per one night/one day package - Minimum two night/two day stay in order to 'ride the range'! Groups can build their package to fit their budget up to a maximum of one week.  A minimum of eight riders are needed in order to receive this special youth group rate (smaller groups can receive same program and pay the equivalent of the 8 person total). Groups of 16 to 20 youth riders will work in pairs sharing a horse for the activities.  Each rider will receive the same amount of horsemanship training and riding time with various ranch activities taking place when partners are riding. Once riders are ready for the trail, one rider will ride to the river destination on the trail while the other rider will ride back from the river. All riders will be present at the same time at the river for saddle bag lunch and Bible study on the trail via 4 wheel drive truck transportation. Those staying 3 days or more will experience new and exciting ranch & trail adventures every day!  


Includes an all day horsemanship and riding program designed for the level of your group, beginner through experienced riders.  The Trail Riding portion generally begins on the second riding day after riders pass their ridin' on the range - riding test! Riders who are already extremely experienced upon arrival, (such as pony club groups, 4H horse groups, etc) can hit the trail upon passing the range riding test. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included daily.   Groups can bunk together in our bunkhouse rooms at the Guest Ranch. Boys and girls have seperate accomodations. The program includes all the horsemanship training your youth can handle depending on age and ability, Youth will know what it is like to own your own horse, and learn a lot about the history of the cowboy way of life in America. Evening activities can include a historic chuck wagon meal, cowboy cooking lessons, camp fires, a pool open in the summer time, Ranch Roping lessons, mounted mini sermons and demonstrations, Bible studies on what the Bible has to say about Horses and more depending on the length of your stay. 

Up to two non-riding Chaperones are permitted free of charge for children/youth groups. Chaperones wanting to ride will need to pay the same price as the youth.  Meals eaten at the ranch are included.  Meals eaten out at a restaurant are not included.  Additional Chaperones can be added if space is available for a fee of $75 per night which includes meals and lodging. Chaperones are welcome to be at the stable and observe all training and will receive transportation to and from river sites, etc. We look forward to your youth group RIDIN' on the RANGE at the Tennessee Guest Ranch. 

WANT MORE?! Build your own package around your groups budget by booking a one, two or three night stay!  Each package is designed to fit the needs of the group.  The program above can also be designed as a Mini Equestrian Clinic for experienced riders with formal equestrian lessons in the disciplines of Hunter/Jumper or Dressage...Or take a break from the formal side of horses and book a Ropin' & Ridin' getaway for your Girl Scout, Pony Club,  4-H Horse Group, etc.  If you are an Adult Horse Lover, round up a group of your horse loving friends for a 'grown-up weekend' horsey get-a-way!   Please note: for groups with less than the required number of participants other arrangements and packages are available. 

Testimonials from families who held their family reunions at the Tennessee Guest Ranch:

"Tennessee Guest Ranch Staff,

Please convey my deepest thank you to everyone at the ranch!  Our family...all 56 of us...had a wonderful day full of precious memories.  Everything was just as you had said, just as the web site said, well, actually, it was much better than you said!!!

The mounted horseman of the Apocalypse was a moving presentation.  The lunch was delicious and there were wonderful choices and huge servings.  The drinks were plentiful.  The presentation of the food, chips, and drinks were great and the tack room was a wonderful place for us to eat. The pony rides, of course, were a delight to the youngsters.  And there was always something for us to do...horseshoes, roping, and enjoying the company around the campfire. It seemed the buggy was always full of adults and kids just spending time together.  I loved seeing all the children gathered around the Chuck Wagon and I'm going to be looking for some rolled oats.  The barn dance was a hit.  How great to see multi-generations together learning the dances.  One of my aunts, an 85 year old, said how wonderful it was for the children to have the opportunity to see wholesome, clean dancing.  And, the closing sermon with the beautiful, beautiful horse teaching us about obedience was a perfect closing.

I'm so humbly thankful for our day...for each of the staff at the ranch...for the wonderful memories we have from our 2013 family reunion.  I'm especially thankful that we could gather as a family and spend time hearing His word and enjoying your ranch.

'Thank you' seems inadequate...but, THANK YOU!"

The Smith Family (we travelled from GA, AL, & TN)

"To all of you!

We had an awesome time at our family reunion.  Thank you for the memories & all the teachings.  The mounted sermon was awesome!"

~The Howald Family,




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