Cowgirl / Cowboy Birthday Parties

Price: Parties are $250 and last 2 hours.

We provide all the cowboy atmosphere you can handle!... along with cowboy/cowgirl themed activities! Pony rides, grooming horses, roping instruction and activities, a beautiful barn with indoor party area abounding in the western theme!  Just bring the kids along with your child's birthday cake, drinks, paper goods and presents!  And whatever you do...don't forget the camera!

To book your young wrangler a cowboy or cowgirl birthday at the Tennessee Guest Ranch, e-mail or call (423-554-HORSE) the ranch. To book a birthday or anniversary celebration for the teenager or grown up cowpoke in your life, visit the Group Events page on our site. 

There is no other party like it in Tennessee!  Your child, age 4 through 12, will never forget their COWBOY OR COWGIRL BIRTHDAY PARTY at the Tennessee Guest Ranch in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley!  Your child, and up to a dozen of his/her favorite friends, will enjoy pony rides, an educational tour of the stable, horse related activities, and an incredible horsey atmosphere in the new beautiful barn facility! Bad weather, no problem! The indoor area in the barn is where Cowboy and Cowgirl Birthday Parties take place! A Cowboy/Cowgirl Birthday Party is a wranglin' ranch event that your kids will never forget! So round up your birthday herd and gallop on over to the ranch! Make your resevervations early! 

Special Note: Part of the funds paid for Cowboy/Cowgirl Birthday Parties at the ranch go to support the International Mission Fund for the annual Honduras Horsemanship Project run by our ranch directors.   

Optional Add-on Activities:

  • Have your child and his/her guests greeted on Horseback upon their arrival to the ranch by our Cowboys/Cowgirls $25
  • Cowboy History Mini Show for all guests $60
  • Tractor drawn Hay Ride for kids and adults $100
  • Mounted riding games  $5 per child 
  • Roping Lesson $6 per child / $12 for adults
  • Outlaw shows up at party to steal one of the Party Ponies & Birthday Child and friends come to the rescue!  $75

Authentic Chuck Wagon Meal complete with Campfire -call for pricing

Free optional activity: Mounted Mini Sermons - have your children learn about Jesus returning on a white horse in the Bible. A great way for children to learn about God! 

Here's what the Berger Family had to say about their daughter's birthday party at the Ranch!

"Staff of the Tennessee Guest Ranch,  

We had a horse b-day party on Saturday October 12 and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. We were all  blown away by the entire action-packed program and really, to be honest, I have never seen anything like it!

Summer: Thank you for your sweet, pleasant and very informative conversation in getting us signed up for our horse party.
Girl that greeted us on the horse upon arrival: Thank you for sitting in the hot sun and waiting for all those girls to feed their carrot to the horse. It was so exciting to see you when we drove up!
Cowboy Song Line Up and Sound Guy:  Your performance was amazing and the song was going through my head for days! Good job to the boy who snapped the bullwhip. J  It was so loud!
Bryce: You looked like a real cowboy, the bullwhip was startlingly loud, and the historical presentation was interesting and educational. Your love for horses was contagious and we all were very entertained by your part in the programming. Thank you for giving clear instruction in grooming and showing the girls how to be safe while around the horses.  
Everyone that led a horse for the birthday party girls:  The highlight for the girls was getting on a horse! Thank you for your patience, focus, and happy hearts in helping the girls on and off the horses. It meant so much to them all! 
Petting goats/sheep boy: This was another big highlight for the girls and you were patient and happy as you gave them food to feed the animals. I was blessed as I saw you smile while doing your job.  
Girl on Revelation 19 White Horse: Wow, my heart was so full as I watched you circle the arena on that white horse. You helped that passage come to life! There were several girls attending the party that don’t know Jesus. Thank you for planting the seeds.
Carpentry people: The stables are so beautiful and a joy to observe.
Tammy: Your love for horses and the Lord are so apparent, leaving the girls with a sense of wonder with a part of God’s creation that will give lasting memories and hopefully knowing Him for Salvation. I was extremely inspired and left pondering for days after the visit. My favorite part was the Revelation 19 Horse, then science lab and horse observation room….I think… Actually, I was awed by the whole experience! My deepest gratitude goes to you for being a beautiful vessel revealing His Glory and Truth. 
Thanks to all for your hard work! Looking forward to going to Cowboy Church and bringing a few friends."
The Berger Family, 





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