Equine Assisted Therapy

ADHD/ADD Therapy Horse Camp:

Self-Control & Daily Living with ADHD/ADD   

This incredible program is part of the Tennessee Guest Ranch Equine Therapeutic Program where Horses are used as an aid & tool to help ADHD/ADD children focus on their Self-Control & Daily Living with ADHD/ADD.  Only eight students are accepted per camp to this one week resident camp program.  The program is designed to teach the ADHD/ADD diagnosed child how to take control of his ADHD/ADD condition instead of his ADHD/ADD condition controlling him.

This special therapy camp operates similar to our National Horse Camp program but has completely different goals--each camper will have a list of 'self--control' and daily living with ADHD/ADD goals established with his camp director by the end of the first day.  His/her objective is to understand and meet these goals by the end of the week through the training he/she will be receiving with his/her horse and  the variety of horse related activities throughout the program.  Classroom skills are put to work in the on-site science lab during Equine Research Study, complete with microscopes and other lab equipment.  In addition to the all day horse activities used to accomplish our goals, boys also take part daily in Southern Gentleman Etiquette Training, Relating with Others Course, and more.

Whether cooling off in the pool, participating in daily bible, working on their  goals, or learning about diet and food choices as related to ADHD/ADD, students are constantly developing their new found self control and daily living skills.

Each Student is taught that their FINAL GOAL is to take their newly found self-control, concentration & focus skills into their daily living at home and at school.  This goal of course can not be accomplished without parental guidance  Due to this goal, parents are required to attend a one hour seminar with their child at the end of the week at camp check-out.  Parents will learn how to help their child maintain and continue to develop his newly found ADHD/ADD Self-Control & Daily Living Skills, in order to use the least amount of prescription medicine possible and in many cases becoming prescription free!

Therapeutic Riding Program
for the
Physically Challanged

Horses can be amazing therapy for those with physical and/or emotional dissabilities and challenges.  Here at the Tennessee Guest Ranch we do our best to help those in need.  Children and adults of all ages enjoy a variety of therapy programs on an individual basis or in some cases as a group therapy programs.  Please contact the ranch office for more information on our therapy programs.  

Therapeutic Equine Program:

Our Equine Therapy program is designed to fit each students needs in an individual and/or  group settings.   A variety of special needs can be met through our well trained equine therapy horses and staff.Please contact the office for details on these programs.  

The Tennessee Guest Ranch also specializes in children with ADHD and ADD through special sessions of our National Horse Camp, Cowgirl Camp or Cowboy Camp.

                      Riding Lessons  

Our weekly riding lesson program, for ages 4 thru adults, is sure to educate those avid horse enthusiasts about the wide world of horses!  Students are trained 'from the ground up' here at the Tennessee Guest Ranch. 

Every rider learns how to care for his or her lesson horse or show pony just as if it were there very own!   Safety, grooming, parts of the horse, tacking up, equipment care...are all part of the program.  Younger students starting at age 4 are taught in private lessons, while older children and adults typically start in small group lessons. 

Students have the opportunity to learn Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, and/or the Western disciplines of riding.  Beginner students need to allow approximately 1 hr for their lesson time, which includes grooming, tacking, and riding.  Once students are able to completely groom and tack up unassisted, they will graduate to a solid 45 minutes of mounted riding time.  At this point, students will need to plan to be at the B&B Ranch for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours in order to properly groom & tack up their lesson horse in preparation for riding and in order to put their lesson horse away properly after riding.

    Parents can drop children for their lesson or bring a lawn chair (and a book to read) and stay and watch from the back deck of the ranch house!

Lesson Fees:

Group Lessons:  Lessons are purchased in blocks of four lessons at time at $45 per lesson / fees are due at the first lesson of each month ( $180 per person per month)  /                     

Private Lessons: (per hour)

Instructor: call for pricing

Trail Rides:  Students may also have the opportunity to participate in our trail ride programs as their skills advance.   We have lunch and dinner trail rides and even a trail ride to church!  Students will pack their saddle bags and cowboy bibles and 'hit the trail' for an afternoon or even an all day ride!  Check with ranch office for pricing on these programs.  

To sign up for lessons please contact our office

at 423-554-HORSe.

Spring Classes take place in the afternoon during March, April & May.  Fall Classes take in the afternoon during Sept., Oct. & November. Summer classes take place in the cool of the morning or late in the evening, during June and August (no lessons during National Horse Camp and other weeks that are completely booked due to Guest Ranch customers). 

  For more information on this life changing program contact the Tennessee Guest Ranch directly at:

423-554-HORSE (4677)



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