Field Trips
BRING HISTORY TO LIFE like never before at "A Tennessee International Guest Ranch" as our beautiful horses and other farm animals take you through the past to explore American History or Biblical History. Choose from the following Field Trips:
COWBOY ERA Field Trip: Rope in the Cowboy Era as you learn all about the late 1800's and the life of the cowboy and his horse! 
WAR BETWEEN THE STATES Field Trip: Meet the famous horse of Robert E. Lee as you travel through the War between the States Era. 
EVIDENCE for CREATION Field Trip: Explore God's evidence for creation on your field trip to the TN Guest Ranch! Learn 'hands on' with horses and our livestock about the created 'kinds' of animals that boarded Noah's ark; see the evidence of Noah's Flood upon the earth by learning about the beautiful Sequatchie Valley.
Bring your own lunch or enjoy an authentic "Chuck Wagon" meal at the ranch. Book your "History through the Horse" Field Trip/Group Tour Adventure today!
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